I sent my phone to cellitused and they acknowledged that they received my phone on July 9th. They claimed that I should receive $151 no later than July 30th. I sent them an email on July 30th letting them know that I haven't received payment and would like for them to resolve the issue soon. They did not reply to my email, so I reported them to the Better Business Bureau. Two days after my complaint was filed I got an email from cellitused claiming that my payment is enroute. I have yet to receive payment and it's August 29th, that is nearly 2 months of waiting for payment. I live in Maryland and their company is located in VA, it does not take more than 3 days to get a letter from VA to MD let alone nearly 2 months. This company is one that I would never recommend, because they misrepresent themselves. In order to avoid people being paid to say cellitused is a good company or that I'm crazy, I will post the emails that have been sent between me and cellitused.

received from cellitused on July 9th:Dear ...,

Great News! We have received your phone(s) and one of our technicians has completed the device evaluation. You can view the approval status of each phone below and please check the notes for any offer price adjustments made during the device evaluation.

You will receive a payment in the amount of $151.00 and the estimated delivery date of your payment is 07/30/12.

We thank you for the opportunity to be your electronic recycler and we look forward to putting more cash in your pocket in the future! Please visit www.cellitused.com/TellFriend to spread the word about Cellitused.

Your Payment will be sent to:...

Device Evaluation Notes:We have added a "Cellitused Bonus Buck $" for being 100% accurate with your order! Way to go! Please help us spread the word to your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors! FREE - Sign up for a free Taskcanon account: http://www.taskcanon.com To buy a quality replacement cell phone visit: http://www.myphonedied.comDevice Approval Status:

Manufacturer - SamsungModel - Infuse 4gPrice - 130Adjusted Price - 151Approval - Approved

received from cellitused on August 16th:

I am sorry for the delay in payment. Your payment in the amount of $151 is in transit. You should be receiving it within 3 "" 5 business days. Thanks for your business and your patience with us. Once you receive your payment please help us spread the word to your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors!



Customer Support

And there you have it cellitused is a terrible company and you should not make the mistake of sending your phone to them, because they will give you the run around. Giving your phone to them is like giving it to a thief.

Monetary Loss: $151.

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Are you serious, it has been nearly 2 months since I have been promised my money. That is not being quick, that is utterly slow to bash the company. Also they adjusted the price by 21 dollars, but what good is that adjustment without getting paid... hint: 0.

I have emailed cellitused and posted on their facebook regarding this issue and I have not heard anything. So while I have tried to see the status of my payment I haven't been able to get that information. The company should put two and two together: they know I have asked for my money and they should know I haven't received my money, it's easy to cancel a check and reissue another.

So I applaud you for your efforts of trying to protect cellitused, but seriously nearly 2 months is ridiculous and not quick at all.


One Pissed off Consumer


I actually used Cellitused back in June and had not problems other than the payment being a few days late. I wouldn't be so quick to bash the company, it even looks like they adjusted your price up $21 extra dollars according to your attached emails. Did you check with the USPS or see if your payment was returned to them?

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