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Update by user Jun 04, 2011 has followed up with me to resolve this complaint. I will be cancelling my BBB complaint also. Vincent at is the best -- very prompt and very understanding!

Update by user Jun 04, 2011

UPDATE: I have filed a review with the BBB In Southeastern Virginia & Northeastern North Carolina. I will post an update when I hear from them. They have 30 days from today, 6/4/11...

Original review posted by user Jun 04, 2011 stole my phone! Either that or $123 of my money… Let me explain...

I have used other "sell your cell phone" type services in the past. Whenever I used one, I like to shop around for the company that pays the best and "looks" legit. The one I chose to go with was They offered $138 for my Motorola Droid. When I sent them the phone, they sent me an email saying they had "generously" adjusted my offer to $15 because the phone was still tied to a Verizon Wireless account. I immediately emailed them to let them know this was not acceptable and that I could verify that the phone was not tied to the account. The rep at asked me to email him after I talked to Verizon.

I called Verizon and they confirmed this was not the case. The phone had been "released". I emailed right after getting off the phone. No response... this was in March...

Fast forward to May, and I send them a message through their contact form letting them know that I didn't get a response from my March message (I know things take time, but come on!). I told them that they can either send my phone back or pay me something more reasonable.

(SIDE NOTE: As I said before, I'm very familiar with the "sell your cell phone" business. I've even sold a laptop to these type of sites, and I understand that adjustments are sometimes made, but their reason didn't add up -- especially since I personally called Verizon to verify that the phone was no longer tied to my account).

The rep responded by telling me that my $15 payment was on the way -- rush. Again, I emailed them immediately (I live on my email) to let them know that this was not acceptable and that they could either adjust the payment or send my phone back. No response... then I get the $15 check.

So, they are making a huge profit off of me. They have my phone that will sell for more than $15. I've taken a loss, but I don't want to see anyone else go through anything similar.

I'm not the type to complain without justification, so I wanted to provide my documented proof. Please see my video here:

I'm open to anyone who is disputing of these facts about being a scam and thieves!

So, you've been warned. Stay away from

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I am sorry to hear your experience with Cellitused has been less than satisfactory. I apologize for the inconvenience and our mistake. We are constantly working on improving our service. Please send us suggestions via our website "contact us" page. If your issue has not been completely resolved then please email us:

Note: Please make sure you read and understand our terms and conditions before using our service. We do not pay full price for phones that have been reported lost/stolen, have an unpaid balance, or are still linked to an active or delinquent account.

Thanks for your business and your understanding as we work through our growing pains.


Vince, Inc.

Since 2005


I'm glad to hear they got it resolved for you. I sent my droid to them two days ago.


Elise, I am a fairly skeptical person and was about these type of companies but once I used them I am a believer at least with cellitused. I am not sure about other similar companies.

I hope you get this resolved with them. I am still leaning towards a miscommunication between all parties involved. Im sure you are not enjoying putting all kinds of energy into this. On the flip side, I don't think they would be in business for so long if they stole phones from people.

"take and deep breath," is what I tell myself when my kids start making me crazy, lol. Have a good day.


I fully agree with you, Amber. There are many rants on these sites which can often make it difficult to pick out a valid complaint from one that is incorrect. Many companies have people that are dissatisfied for many reasons., however, has stolen from me. I'm not someone waiting on a check (though they do promise your check will come very quickly). Whenever I protest to them, they ignore me, and I don't want others to face the same things.

That's why I made a video and even included pictures with my complaint. I complain with reason while others rant. That's the biggest difference there.

One other point I didn't include in my original complaint is that there was no balance on the account when I sent the phone -- as a matter of fact, there was a credit to my account. And I'm sure the phone didn't magically disappear off my account as soon as I called Verizon...

And, at this point, I can't even call it an oversight. knows that I'm complaining, but it's their choice to ignore it. Case in point, I have posted many messages to their facebook page, which have been deleted. Then my facebook account was subsequently blocked from commenting. So, they are aware. I'm sure they got my messages. They are refusing to communicate and their phone number rings to the middle of nowhere...

I'm not sure if you work for or if you feel that you are just pleading a case for a good company, but if you do work there, I would advise them to contact me ASAP. I'm more than willing to try to work this out, but ignoring me is not going to cut it.

What now?


Elise, I am sorry it didn't work out the same for you. Could it be an honest miscommunication between you, cellitused, and Verizon.

It seems like a lot of effort on your part and it might just be a confusion. I find that a lot of complaints on these sites are more of rants than actual complaints. I am not saying your is but if you search for complaints about Walmart, there are millions. However, I dont believe Walmart are scammers or thieves.

All I am saying is that maybe the phone was not able to be activated at the time cellitused checked with Verizon. Im just brainstorming for you.


Furthermore, I'm not skeptical of "these type of companies". I've used many "sell your cell phone" type services in the past and have never run into such issues.

We'll see what happens with the BBB report and whether I will be blown off on this allegation.


Hi, Amber:

Thanks for your comment. I'm glad to see that you received your payment. But, I'm concerned that you may be an exception rather than the rule...

How do you justify the thieves at refusing to respond to a conference call with Verizon? They refuse to respond to my inquiries. I called Verizon and made sure that the phone was not tied to an account. I'm sorry, but they are thieves. They may not be a scam, but they are surely thieves, and I will do my best to make others aware of their tactics. Including filing a report with the BBB as I have done.

However, people, please don't believe that any company that checks out with the BBB is a good company. The BBB often ignores customers complaints and sides with the company in disputes. We'll see if this is the case with Cell It Used (

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